Updates from District 8 in Manhattan and the Bronx

Intern for PBNYC!

Interested in getting involved with Participatory Budgeting in New York City (PBNYC)? Check out this opportunity to intern with the participating Council Member offices this fall!

PBNYC Interns will work closely with Council Member staff and community members, contributing to outreach and publicity efforts, planning and facilitating meetings, and providing support for community members participating . The internships are ideal for graduate students eager to gain experience in civic engagement, community development, and local government. 

See the full posting here for more information about the internships and how to apply. (Deadline: July 5, 2013)

District 8 Voting Dates & Locations 2013

Monday, April 1st - Thursday, April 4th: 11 am - 5 pm daily

  • Council Member Melissa Mark Viverito’s Office
    105 East 116th St, Manhattan

Friday, April 5th: 12 pm - 8 pm

  • Millbrook Community Center
    201 St. Ann’s Ave, Bronx

Saturday, April 6th: 11 am - 4 pm

  • SCAN La Guardia
    307 East 116th St, Manhattan

Sunday, April 7th: 11 am - 4 pm

  • Frederick Douglass Center
    885 Columbus Ave (between 103rd and 104th St.), Manhattan

 Boundaries of the 8th District in Manhattan & The Bronx

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Sample Ballot

  • You may vote for up to five (5) projects.
  • You can not vote for the same project more than once.
  • Ballots marked with more than five votes are invalid and will not be counted.

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District 8 ballot 2013

Ballot Design: the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP), the design firm of MTWTF, and the PBNYC Citywide Steering Committee.

Learning, Growing through PB

Back in November I was on a quest to add more depth to my life and break up the monotony of my day to day routine.  More importantly because I work a full-time job I really wanted to be able to do something that would allow me to strengthen my current skill set in Community and Economic development or develop a new one.

That’s when I came across a volunteer opportunity to participate as a Budget Delegate in the 2013 Participatory Budgeting process with Council District 8. After reading up about the process and the responsibilities, I realized what a great opportunity it was!

I’m proud to say that thus far this opportunity has given me a sense of inclusion and empowerment. Although I’m from the South Bronx I work in Harlem and consider myself a stakeholder in the community. PB gives the power back to the community--the power to play an active role in improving the aesthetic and built environment in their own backyard.  As an aspiring Urban Planner  this process further grounds me in believing in the power of community and the bottom-up approach. Thank you PB!

- Krystal Peartree, District 8 Budget Delegate

District 8 Budget Delegates

Winning Projects - District 8


Number of voters: 1770
Amount allocated: $1,903,000
Winning projects:

  • Installation of Security Cameras at Johnson, East River, Douglass, and Millbrook Houses - $500,000 (964 votes)
  • Laptops for District 8 Schools - $450,000 (857 votes)
    Young Women’s Leadership, PS 57, Manhattan Center, Mosaic Preparatory Academy, PS 369 Young Leaders, Reynolds West Side HS, Renaissance Charter HS for Innovation, PS 72 Lexington Academy, and Park East High School
  • Technology Centers at YouthBuild and Carver Senior Center - $173,000 (706 votes)
  • SMART’s Mobile Cooking Classroom, to be operated throughout District 8 - $180,000 (534 votes)
  • Solar-Powered Greenhouse at Millbrook Houses - $300,000 (533 votes)
  • Basketball Court Renovations at Thomas Jefferson Park - $300,000 (501 votes)
Projects that did not win funding this year:
  • Play for All: PS 155 Playground Renovation (416 Votes)
  • Air Conditioning Wiring for PS 72 (362 Votes)
  • SMART Board Technology for Schools (355 Votes)
  • Lighting Upgrade in Douglass (353 Votes)
  • Auditorium Upgrade at Manhattan Center HS (307 Votes)
  • Upgrades for Gaylord White Senior Center (304 Votes)
  • Peaceful Valley Community Garden (301 Votes)
  • Playground Upgrades at Washington (285 Votes)
  • New Fitness Equipment for Cherry Tree Park (278 Votes)
  • Safety Upgrades at the Heckscher Building (231 Votes)
  • History/Media Lab for PS 171 (215 votes)
  • Backyard Renovations for UPACA 6 (199 votes)
  • Layered Access at UPACA 6 (148 votes)
  • New Subway Canopy (139 votes)
  • Multi-Media Information Kiosks (106 votes)


  • A Home for Harlem RBI and Dream Charter School, $513,000
  • New Technology for NY Public Library, Aguilar Branch, $60,000
  • Playground Improvements at Millbrook and Douglass Houses, $500,000
  • Installation of Security Cameras at Public Housing Complexes, $525,000
  • Transportation for Seniors and Meals-on-Wheels Delivery Van, $103,000
  • Ultrasound System for Metropolitan Hospital Center, $105,000

Additional project that did not win vote, but was still funded:

    • New garbage cans for specific corners, funded by the Department of Sanitation, $10,000

East Harlem Youth Embrace Participatory Budgeting

“But to what extent will this project benefit the whole community?” Jonathan asked.

“But son, it’s a golf course on a roof! What could be cooler than that?” said another young delegate.

“Who’s gonna go play golf on a roof? We need to get more computers in our struggling schools!” yelled a third.

This debate was just one example of the lively discussions among budget delegates during a recent late-night meeting in East Harlem, as they weighed their community’s project ideas against the criteria of community need and feasibility.

In year two of participatory budgeting in District 8, more than 25 young people are participating as budget delegates in our youth and education committees. In our last youth committee meeting, two delegates from the Boys and Girl Harbor after-school program presented their project proposal for major gym and roof repairs for their center. Other delegates asked about how many people, programs and sports teams used the space. The teens passed around photographs showing the holes in the roof and other damage that needed to be fixed.

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