Vote Results - District 45


Number of Voters: 1065
Total Amount Allocated: $1,161,000
Winning Projects:  

  • Install an air conditioning system in the cafeteria of PS 208 ($225,000) - 756 votes
  • Upgrade computer technology in the Glenwood Senior Center ($36,000) - 684 votes. 
  • Replace the broken Public Announcement System, also in PS 208 ($500,000) - 648 votes
  • Install security cameras throughout crime-impacted areas of the community ($400,000) - 614 votes
Projects that have won funding in previous years:  list view  //  map view


Ballots Cast: 950
Total Allocated: $1,060,000*
Winning Projects:

  • Installation of security cameras at a number of sites around the Flatbush Gardens apartment complex - $400,000 (697 votes)
  • Creation of a Wi-Fi-enabled, computer-equiped college and career center in the library of the Tilden Education Campus - $350,000 (659 votes)
  • Addition of curb extension to Linden Boulevard between East 52nd Street and East 54th Street, a high traffic area for seniors and impaired neighbors - $360,000 (561 votes)
*Additional projects that did not win, but may be funded, pending availability in the Council Member's capital budget:
  • Completion of field light installation at Tilden Educational Campus, to increase community usage and improve safety in the surrounding area - $650,000 (4th place, 548 votes)
Projects that have won funding in previous years:  list view  //  map view



    • Installation of two security cameras at several locations district-wide, $400,000
    • Funding towards the purchase or renovation of a space for a proposed community resource center, $350,000
    • Field lights for Tilden Educational Campus, $350,000
    • The installation of floodlights in each part in the district, $150,000
    • The purchase of desktops, laptops, a security cart, and a smartboard for students at the CAMBA Beacon Program located at PS 269 Nostrand, $150,000

Additional projects that did not win, but will still be funded:

    • Increase streetlights in underpasses
    • Additional speed bumps throughout the district

Projects that have won funding in previous years:  list view  //  map view