Vote Results - District 32


Amount Allocated: $2,026,000

Total Voters: 899

Community Board 14 Results

Winning projects

  • School Upgrades ($320,000; 475 votes). SAT Prep area with computers at Beach Channel High School; Protective padding and scoreboard for gym and technology upgrades at PS317/MS318; Lighting equipment and control board for auditorium in Scholars Academy ; tech upgrades at PS47; Landscaping at PS114.
  • ADA compatible swing sets ($150,000; 340 votes). Installation of swing sets for children with special needs at various playgrounds in Broad Channel & Rockaway.
  • Improvements to Broad Channel Park ($100,000; 341 votes). Resurfacing of basketball courts and reconfigure to courts to be used for roller hockey play area.
  • Median resurfacing and beautification ($100,000; 325 votes). Landscaping and decorative planting on medians coming in Rockaway from Marine Pkwy Bridge.
  • Additional Funding for Performance Space ($200,000; 309 votes). Money to add audio equipment and electrical system at performance space gazebo that was funded in 1st year of PB and will be installed with new boardwalk.
  • Sea themed statue ($150,000; 298 votes). Design and construction of a sea-themed statue to be designed with community input.

Other projects

  • Adult Exercise Equipment ($100,000; 274 votes). Installation of adult exercise equipment in parks along Shore Front Parkway.
  • Community Information Boards ($35,000; 198 votes). Installation of community information boards at various locations.  Boards will allow for maps, and space for community meeting notices.

Community Board 9 Results

Winning projects

  • School Upgrades ($376,000; 137 votes). New fencing around school yard at JHS210, technology upgrades at PS273 and PS60 and A/V upgrades in auditorium of PS64.

  • Installation of Real Time Bus Clocks ($80,000; 112 votes). Installation of real time bus count down clocks at 4 bus stops in Community Board 9.

  • Paving along Woodhaven Boulevard ($300,000; 106 votes). Money to be allocated for milling and paving of 2 miles of road.

  • Repave paths in Forest Park ($150,000; 96 votes). Repave pathways in Forest Park adjacent to the Schaffer Memorial

  • Upgrades at Richmond Hill Library ($100,000; 93 votes). Money to go to full interior renovation of Richmond Hill Library.

Other projects

  • Upgrades at 102 Precinct ($450,000; 81 votes). Repair flooding issues and repave parking lot at 102nd Precinct.

  • New Signage for Hiking Trails in Forest Park ($50,000; 73 votes). Installation of new signage at the three hiking trails in Forest Park.

  • New Fencing and Signage for Dog Park in Forest Park ($100,000; 57 votes). Replacement and fencing and new signage at the dog park in Forest Park.

  • Renovation of Giovenelli Playground ($300,000; 55 votes). Money to fully fund a complete renovation of Giovenelli playground. (BP has allocated $1 million. Total cost is $1.3 million).


  • Technology Upgrades at PS 317 and PS 114 and Gym Safety Upgrades at Scholars Academy ($324,500; 665 Votes)
  • Daytown Towers Upgrades ($38,000; 621 votes)
  • YMCA Upgrades ($300,00; 581 Votes)
  • Traffic Island Landscaping ($50,000; 531 Votes)
  • Mobi Mats – ADA Ramps for Beach Access ($180,000; 418 Votes)
  • Broad Channel Library Upgrades ($250,000; 438 Votes)
  • Rockaway Freeway Dog Park Upgrades ($300,000; 365 Votes)


  • Pagers for Four Volunteer Fire Departments, $48,000
  • Water Pump for Volunteer Fire Departments to Alleviate Flooding, $39,000
  • Cascade (Oxygen Refill) System for Fire Departments, $60,000
  • Technology Upgrades at PS 47, PS 317/MS 318, PS 114, $230,000
  • Library Vending Machine in Breezy Point, $200,000
  • Library Renovation/Upgrade at Peninsula Library Branch, $500,000
  • Technology Upgrades at PS 47, PS 317/MS 318, PS 114, $230,000
  • Gazebo/Grandstand/Outdoor Performance Space on Shorefront Parkway, $150,000
  • Knights of Columbus, Rockaway Council: Handicapped Bathroom Upgrade, $45,000
  • Six Argus Security Cameras for 100th Precinct (3 locations), $100,000
All projects that have won funding in previous years:  list view  //  map view