2013 Project Expos!

Over the past few months, budget delegate committees in eight Council Districts have developed project proposals based on the ideas suggested by their communities last fall. Now they are ready to share these proposals with YOU! At the upcoming Project Expos, committees will present their project ideas and answer your questions in advance of the PBNYC Vote in April. Come and hear about the top contenders for improving your community's parks, streets, schools, and more! 

See the PBNYC calendar or the posters below for details. Not sure which district you live in? Find out here. Can’t participate because your district isn’t part of PBNYC? Contact your Council Member!

District 8 (Mark-Viverito)

District 8 Expo Flyer

District 19 (Halloran)

District 19 Expo Flyer

District 23 (Weprin)

District 23 Expo Flyer

District 39 (Lander)

District 39 Expo Flyer

District 44 (Greenfield)

District 44 Expo Flyer

District 45 (Williams)

District 45 Expo Flyer

East Harlem Youth Embrace Participatory Budgeting

“But to what extent will this project benefit the whole community?” Jonathan asked.

“But son, it’s a golf course on a roof! What could be cooler than that?” said another young delegate.

“Who’s gonna go play golf on a roof? We need to get more computers in our struggling schools!” yelled a third.

This debate was just one example of the lively discussions among budget delegates during a recent late-night meeting in East Harlem, as they weighed their community’s project ideas against the criteria of community need and feasibility.

In year two of participatory budgeting in District 8, more than 25 young people are participating as budget delegates in our youth and education committees. In our last youth committee meeting, two delegates from the Boys and Girl Harbor after-school program presented their project proposal for major gym and roof repairs for their center. Other delegates asked about how many people, programs and sports teams used the space. The teens passed around photographs showing the holes in the roof and other damage that needed to be fixed.


You can still get involved with your community through the Participatory Budgeting process!

What is happening now?

Participatory Budgeting Delegates are meeting with relevant City Agencies to better understand the process of turning an idea in to a full project! It isn't too late to get involved as a Delegate...one way to consider your involvement in PB is your taking free City Government classes!

How to participate?

You can come to any of our next Committee or Government Agencies meetings:

December 3rd:

Department of Cultural Affairs @ Fifth Avenue Committee (FAC), 621 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY. 6 30 pm

School Construction Authority @ St. Francis College, 180 Remsen Street, NY. 6 30 pm

December 5th:

Public Housing Committee. @ Wyckoff Community Garden Center, 280 Wyckoff Street, Brooklyn, NY. 6 pm

Intern for PBNYC! and with PBP!

Interested in getting more involved with PBNYC? Check out this opportunity to intern with the Council Members participating! Opportunities are also available working for PBP, the lead technical assistance partner for PBNYC!

PBNYC Interns will work closely with Council Member staff and community members, contributing to outreach and publicity efforts, planning and facilitating meetings, and providing support for community members participating . The internships are ideal for talented individuals eager to further their skills to engage people in their communities and government.

The two PBP Internships will focus on policy and design. Both positions also include some operations work. Working with PBP, interns will support PBNYC, and contribute to PB's expansion in new cities. 

 Visit this link to view the full ad for the PBNYC internship and this link for PBP!  

Behind the Scenes of Participatory Budgeting in District 39

By Rachel Fine of the Participatory Budgeting District Committee in District 39 

As a District Committee member, I have been focusing on getting the word out about participatory budgeting and engaging our district’s diverse communities in this process. Although the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity getting ready for the neighborhood assemblies, our outreach efforts have targeted a number of communities.

One of the main goals this year is to increase youth participation. We are hosting youth breakout sessions at each of the neighborhood assemblies, beefing up our social media presence, encouraging youth to be budget delegates, and spreading the word to students and young people about all of these great opportunities to get involved! In addition to engaging youth, we wanted to host mini-assemblies at local neighborhood spots (e.g. popular bars, coffee shops, churches) and a Spanish-speaking assembly to reach folks who otherwise might not have heard about it. I really wanted to host one at Ginger's, the local lesbian bar, but that idea will have to wait until next year since our calendars were filling up with various events such as hosting mini assemblies, phone banking, and canvassing.

My main focus has been organizing phone banks to invite residents to the neighborhood assemblies. Our strategy was to set up a series of phone banks at people's homes. We organized one phone bank per neighborhood and invited anyone who wanted to help out. I realized phone banking is not easy and it was tough to find enough volunteers; however, the ones we did find were awesome! Fortunately, the anxiety of contacting people over the phone turned out to be totally unfounded. Everyone we talked to were receptive and thrilled to hear that participatory budgeting was happening again.

Bensonhurst Assembly Postponed

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - District 44's Neighborhood Assembly in Bensonhurst (scheduled for 11/1) has been rescheduled for November 15th. Our thoughts are with everyone that's been affected, especially our PBNYC colleagues in Rockaway and Broad Channel.

Wanted: Budget Delegate Committee Facilitators!

As the PBNYC districts wrap up a great round of neighborhood assemblies, we're gearing up for the budget delegate process! Districts throughout the city are lining up volunteers to facilitate the budget delegate committees - please read the advertisement below and consider volunteering! 

PBNYC Year 1 Report - Now ONLINE!

On September 20th, the Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center and the PBNYC Research Team released a new report, A People’s Budget: A Research and Evaluation Report on the Pilot Year of Participatory Budgeting in New York City.  

District 39 - Assemblies Are Back

One year ago, we started an experiment: to give New Yorkers the power to decide how to spend $1 million of their tax dollars on projects in the neighborhood.

That experiment, Participatory Budgeting, was a huge success. Over 3,000 people participated, we received nearly a thousand ideas for projects in the community, and our small voting sites were overwhelmed with eager residents wanting to be part of what the New York Times called “revolutionary civics in action.” The seven projects with the most votes – projects for local schools, libraries, parks, and streets – received City funding and are moving forward.

Now we are starting again, with another $1 million and your great ideas. Like last year, the whole process depends on you. The best ideas and energy came from the “neighborhood assemblies,” big community meetings where residents share their ideas for projects to build in our neighborhood.  So please come out to a neighborhood assembly in the next few weeks to give your ideas, and help us build on this new form of democracy.

Join us for a neighborhood assembly 

Exciting Developments

There is so much excitement coming out of District 33, the community is going above and beyond what we could have expected for our first round of Neighborhood Assemblies!

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